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Winning in 2016

The past year has been historic. Since we started this campaign, over 11 million workers have gotten a raise. That’s a really big deal for millions of families across our country. It wouldn’t have happened without fast food workers organizing and you joining us. When I started organizing my coworkers I never expected to build power this fast. In 2015 California has put more workers on the path to $15 than any other state in the nation.

When we strike we win. That’s what 2015 has proved. With broad coalitions, we had our biggest strikes ever, and politicians listened. When LA passed a $15 minimum wage bill, just weeks after our April strike, it resonated across the nation. The night of our November strike Berkeley passed $15. That’s what democracy looks like.


Thanks to your solidarity this year over 800,000 workers in California are on a path to $15. In 2015 we’re going to vote for $15 statewide. New York state is expected to get to $15 too. Do you want California to be the leader in the fight against economic inequality? Show solidarity and share our 2015 celebration video.


Solidarity is the new “I love you”,


Shonda Roberts
California Fast Food Worker