Fight For $15 Los Angeles


We are uniting the fast food industry workers of Los Angeles. The expanding Fight for 15 campaign made famous in Brooklyn seeks a $15/hour living wage and the right to form a union without retaliation.

Fast food is a $200 billion a year industry and retail is a $4.7 trillion industry, yet many service workers across the country earn minimum wage or just above it and are forced to rely on public assistance program to provide for their families and get healthcare for their children

Each year our labor brings billions of dollars into stores and restaurants nationwide, but almost all of theses profits go to make executives and investors even richer, while we struggle to provide our families with basic necessities like food, rent, healthcare and transportation.

Minimum Wage Inflation Chart

In the fast food industry alone, 52 percent of families are enrolled in one or more public assistance programs – like food stamps and Medicaid – compared with 25 percent of the workforce as a whole. Such low wages cost taxpayers about $7 billion a year.

We believe that people who work hard for a living should make enough money to support themselves, their families and their neighborhoods – and that workers should be treated with dignity and respect. We believe this  will not only improve our lives, but create jobs and make Los Angeles’s and the nation’s economies stronger.