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We won $15 in LA, we can win in Long Beach

The momentum for higher wages is spreading in Long Beach. Last week Ricardo Lara, CA Senator of the 33rd district, a champion for justice and workers’ rights, met with fast food workers and expressed his continued support for the Fight for $15.

Will you join us and him to fight with Long Beach workers so they can get $15?

2 years ago no one thought we had a chance. We went on strike, organized our stores, and now we’re winning the Fight for $15. Today we’re escalating the fight to go even further beyond Los Angeles and across the region. We will demand that politicians and corporations listen to fast-food workers and the community.

Will you tell politicians and corporations that you support Long Beach Workers?

As you may know, LA and Unincorporated¬†LA county have both passed $15 for all workers, but we’re not done yet. We believe that we will win, but we can’t do it alone.¬†Continue to support our fight, if you have friends in Long Beach, get them involved.

In Solidarity,

Anggie Godoy
LA McDonald’s Worker


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