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Victory at every level

Two months ago, a sizable box fell on me while I was working at McDonald’s. I’ve suffered from partial paralysis and constant headaches ever since. But when I realized McDonald’s was refusing to even pay me for my sick days, I decided to do something about it.


I was told for a month that the hours would be on my check, but they weren’t. So I decided to do something about it.


I talked to other members of the Fight for 15, about other workers who have been injured on the job. It turns out, I am not alone.


87% of fast food workers report an injury on the job. We don’t always get our paid sick hours, and we should, it’s the law! We continue to go to work, because we need the money to support ourselves and our families, even when we’re hurt or sick.


They didn’t think they had to listen when I raised my voice, but when dozens of other fast food workers and community members raised our voices together, they heard us. On the next pay check, my paid sick hours were there. Just like the law says.


We’ve won paid sick days for every worker in California, New York, and as of this week, Chicago too! The win at my store shows that when we act like a union, we are one step closer to improving the lives of millions of workers.



That’s what the Fight For 15 is about. Real wins for real people that ensure McDonald’s understands that we have the power. We shouldn’t have to strike and protest, but we do, and we win. I’m going to keep fighting until I have union rights.


In Solidarity,
Agadette Solis
McDonald’s Worker