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Unification in 2016

Unification will win the Fight For $15 and union rights.

This week over 100 fast food workers from Colorado, Northern California, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and Phoenix unified to build our movement. You’re a part of this movement, and we hope in 2016 you’ll do whatever it takes to win. From sharing a video to sharing the streets with us, we’re going to need you to follow our lead and together, we believe we will win.


We’re unifying and building power in our stores. We delivered over 2000 signatures to McDonald’s demanding they give us our legally owed paid sick days. Show your friends that the only way Mcdonalds will change their minds and do the right thing is if we unite.


We unified for immigrant justice by taking to the streets with our sisters and brothers. Many of us work multiple jobs and hardly see our families as it is. Our greatest fear is never seeing them again. Look how the Fight For 15 was in the streets demanding immigration reform.
64 million of us are making under $15, but less than half of us vote. We’re unifying many of these workers and going to the ballot box. That’s why we protested the Democratic debate AND the Republican debate. This year we’re changing the electorate and making sure low wage workers vote. Candidates from both parties need to understand if they want our support, they have to come get our vote.


We’re building power globally. Last year Anggie went to New Zealand and helped fast food workers win a campaign they had worked on for a decade. This both of us went to Europe to show global corporations we’re serious. Change occurs when we organize our community and coworkers, regardless of their store, city, state, or country. The struggles might be different but the fight is just the same.


Solidarity is the new I love you,


Anggie and Shonda
California Fast Food Workers