Fight For $15 Los Angeles

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Stop killing us.

Let me perfectly clear, as a Latino immigrant: All lives can’t matter if Black Lives don’t matter first.

I’ve lived around police violence my entire life. Growing up an immigrant in Lennox I’ve seen first hand the effects of systematic oppression on my family and my community. I refuse to let my daughter Vivian live in the world that I grew up in.

That’s why this weekend I joined Black Lives Matter Los Angeles for one of their biggest actions yet and they’ve joined me on strike. Together we are unstoppable.

I’m going to keep fighting with them until we end the violence. Will you get donate to sustain the movement?

Black Lives Matter is escalating by occupying city hall right now. Now is the time, regardless of who you are and your experiences, to make your voice heard. Donate.

In the past week people of all colors have come together in the streets to declare that we will not be divided. I understand that it’s hard, people are busy, people are tired, but we must get out of our comfort zones to create a world built around peace. What world will you leave for future generations?

Love and peace,

Edgar Gonzalez
Fast food worker

PS. Regardless of it you can donate, be sure to join the Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Facebook Group.