Fight For $15 Los Angeles

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Some days you feel like you can conquer the world.

I’ve worked at McDonald’s for a year and I make $9/hour, currently the minimum wage in California. I’ve fasted, gone on strike and I’ve even talked to McDonald’s shareholders. I believed that we would win $15. I knew my family, like many of the LA families, could not afford to lose.
People say that we are the future, but how are we supposed to be the future when we can’t even afford to go to school? With $15 I can afford to enroll in college and still support myself. I won’t have to worry about student debt that will never end. This is why I Fight For 15, and will continue fighting. Until every worker, not only in LA, but everywhere, has $15 and union rights.
Now, 180,000 fast food workers have a shot at $15 an hour in NY state. Help us win in NY by signing the petition.
Thanks for being part of this. Let’s make history. Again.
Anggie Godoy