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Santa Monica passes $15!

This week Santa Monica passed $15! As an older worker I am proof that all workers deserve $15. Thanks to the city council for doing the right thing. I can look forward to providing for my family without depending on community services, like the food bank.  Tell your friends that if we can win $15 in Santa Monica, we can win it statewide.
I am 73 year olds, and I have been working at Carl’s Jr for 15 years. People say that fast food is a starter job but the reality is 4 out of 5 of the fastest growing sectors pay low wages. Many people are working multiple jobs, just to get by. Tell your friends it’s important to Fight for 15 for every California worker.
I live in East LA and have to take two buses to get to work in Santa Monica. I had to move to public housing in East LA, because my wages are too low and housing in Santa Monica is too expensive. I do it with pride to support my family, but I know there are millions of California workers who still aren’t on a path to $15. My daughter and grandkids deserve $15 too.
Santa Monica is the first $15 win of 2016 in California. It’s only January 14th. Let’s win for all California workers this November.
Keep up the momentum,
Rogelio Hernandez
Santa Monica Carl’s Jr Worker.