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Puzder OUT. You win!

This just in: Andy Puzder is OUT of the running for Secretary of Labor!

Friend, this is because you, me, and thousands and thousands of others spoke up, showed up, and said NO WAY to putting the worst of the worst fast-food CEOs in charge of the Department of Labor. Workers just delivered a MAJOR victory against Trump’s rigged economy.

We said NO. And we won. Spread the news that resisting works:
Puzder withdraws!
I know that real soon, we’re gonna have another nominee. So we’re demanding that Trump appoint a real Secretary of Labor. Someone who stands WITH workers. Who stands WITH labor unions and faith communities, WITH women and immigrants.

When we’re united, Trump can be beat. Let’s remember what we just did:

  • We said NO to the guy whose restaurants, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, were hit with more federal employment discrimination lawsuits than any other major U.S. hamburger chain.
  • We said NO to the guy who actually said “ugly women don’t sell burgers.”
  • And we said NO to the guy who makes more money in a day than I make working one year at his restaurant chain.

We said no – with emails, phone calls, tweets, signs, videos, and with our bodies in the streets. We beat money, power, and privilege. And we proved that WE CAN DO THIS.

Thank you, my fellow workers and friends. I am so proud to stand shoulder to shoulder in protest with you today.

Doreatha Hines
Hardee’s Worker
Orlando, FL
Fight for $15