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Frank Trejo

Pasadena is on a pathway to $15!

After months of organizing workers and the community of Pasadena made sure the council passed a pathway to $15.

I work at McDonald’s in Pasadena and 2 years ago I wasn’t sure about getting involved in the Fight For 15. Speaking to my co-workers and reflecting on my own expenses, I grew to understand the necessity for $15 and hour and union rights. Last November was my first strike and I realized in the early morning hours how amazing this movement could be.

Today, 30,000 Pasadena workers are on a pathway to $15. This brings me one step closer to being able to afford a 2 bedroom apartment for my family and being able to own a car. These aren’t big demands.

What is big is the $230 million that will be put back into the Pasadena community. Pasadena is the most unequal city in California and this weeks vote will lessen the income inequality.

I’m not done yet. We need union rights to help keep the bosses in check as well as benefits, such as more paid sick days. Thanks to your solidarity with my coworkers and I, who struck, we’ve proven the importance of worker power.

A year ago no one would have believed Pasadena would pass a pathway to $15 with wage enforcement, but we did it. Share our victory.

We cannot be afraid to fight for our rights. We all can achieve this, and we will look back and think of this grand movement that we are a part of. Tell your friends you know this fight isn’t just about money, this is a movement, and we deserve union rights.

In Solidarity,

Frank Trejo
Pasadena McDonalds Worker