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We must talk about Orlando

I am Latino, I am a member of the LGBTQ community, and I am a leader with the Fight for 15. In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, I understand, more than ever, that my identity is no more separate than my experiences with them every day.

For our last strike on April 14, we marched for $15 and union rights, and to lift up the history of violence against queer and trans people of color, in this country this is not something we can afford to ignore. Economic violence, such as the denial of healthcare and medical leave, lack of access to jobs and housing cannot be ignored.

Most of the 49 people killed and 53 wounded in last Sunday’s shooting in Orlando were Black, Brown, Trans, and Queer. They were in a space that they presumed to be safe, dancing among family, friends and neighbors, when a gunman took their lives.

As others search for answers, we search for resolve and reach out to one another in this moment of grief, because we can and must. We will grieve. We will reflect. We strive to lift up their stories in the continued fight, with our queer and trans communities, towards justice.

With love and solidarity,

Damian Monroy
LA fast food worker