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May Day

Today is May Day – and thousands of people are protesting across the nation right now.

We’re fighting for immigrant rights. We’re fighting for racial justice. We’re fighting for $15.

Today, the Fight for $15 stands in full support of the striking workers across the country. Check out the protest happening NOW in Los Angeles:

May Day LA

Live coverage of the #MayDay march through Los Angeles. #FightFor15

Posted by Fightfor15LA on Monday, May 1, 2017

Walking off the job is never an easy decision, but we know first-hand that it also gets results. By standing up for $15 an hour and union rights, we’ve won $62 billion in raises for 22 million people across the country through collective action.

Today’s protest is sending a powerful message that every single person deserves to have their basic rights respected.

The Fight for $15 stands with striking workers, today and every day.

In solidarity,

Anggie Godoy
McDonald’s Worker
Los Angeles, CA
Fight for $15