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LA workers win 6 paid sick days!

Earlier this week, LA city council voted to double our paid sick days from 3 to 6. This didn’t happen by luck, but because workers and the community made our voices heard. Share our newest win with your friends.

Last week I went on strike to highlight how McJobs cost us all. McDonald’s has perfected a model of low wages, tax evasion, and no accountability. Just a month ago, we held a store action, and won my paid sick days, after originally being denied them by my employer.

I’m sharing this win for more 6 days with all my coworkers in my store, will you share it with your friends?

Can you believe that even though we have paid sick days, McDonald’s and other fast food companies won’t let us use them? That’s why the Fight For 15 is going to keep acting like a union until we get union rights. To join the rest of the industrialized world, it’s time to get union rights and paid sick days for all fast food workers.

In Solidarity,

Rosangela BaƱuelos
McDonald’s worker.


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