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Justice on paid sick days

We did it! I can use my paid sick days! It is the law, but laws only work when enforced.

Last month we asked the community to tell McDonald’s to follow the law. Over 2000 workers and the community joined me, in solidarity, to speak up. We didn’t stop there. Over 100 fast food workers marched on my store and demanded justice. That’s how we won, fighting in solidarity.

I can now use my legally earned paid sick days, and I’m getting paid for the two unpaid sick days I took to take care of my sick child! That’s worker power. It’s also why we need union rights. All California fast food workers get 3 paid sick days, but that’s still less than many workers around the world enjoy.

It was an incredible experience bringing the community and my coworkers together, but it shouldn’t be this hard. When I joined this campaign I joined the fight for 15 AND union rights. I will continue to fight, until we win. Thanks to your support, and the solidarity of my coworkers, I believe that we will win.

In 2016, we’ve already won $15 for over 100,000 more workers, including Pasadena just last week. We’ll have an opportunity to vote for $15 in November, but we still need union rights. Share this amazing win and I hope you continue to support our fight.

In Solidarity,

Rosangela BaƱuelos
McDonald’s worker.