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July 1st 2016: The minimum wage is going up across California!

Today the minimum wage is going up for thousands of workers across America! It will keep going up until every worker in California makes $15.


Many workers in this country haven’t seen a raise for nearly a decade. Here in California, fast food workers like me are leading the way to change that. Check out all the cities where the minimum wage is going up today.


I started working in fast food 3 years ago, and I never felt respected. Finally, while working at McDonald’s, the day for a raise came and it was an insulting 25 cents. 25 cents! I decided enough is enough. I’m worth more. I went on strike, now I’m on a pathway to $15.


I didn’t join the Fight For 15 for a raise, I did it for power. Even though I make more money now I still don’t get enough hours to sustain myself. That’s why we need union rights: to make sure our wages aren’t stolen, to get more paid sick days, for reasonable scheduling, and to ensure justice in the workplace.


Today my sacrifices will benefit workers across California and the country. Share with your friends and family our success.


In victory and solidarity,
Amanda Acosta
CA Fast food worker

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