Fight For $15 Los Angeles


Tell McDonalds: Give your employees their legally required Paid Sick Days

Recently I wasn’t feeling well. I called in to take a day off. I had easily acquired the necessary paid sick days. McDonald’s said no. That’s illegal. It’s also immoral that they wanted me to work while sick. It’s even worse that when my kids are sick McDonald’s won’t let[…]

We’ve come further than anyone expected

It’s been a historic year for the Fight For 15 in LA and across the country. Tens of thousands of Angelenos have been in the streets for $15 and union rights. We had our biggest strikes yet, and they worked. We won the biggest $15 minimum wage for all workers in the country.[…]


Edgar Gonzalez, McDonald’s Worker, Presents to California Democratic Convention

Edgar Gonzalez, LA McDonald’s Worker, Presented in front of 100s of delegates at the yearly California Democratic Convention titled “Leadership Through Action” – he showed the audience how workers leaders can create action! Join him [View the story “Edgar Gonzalez, McDonald’s Worker, Presents to California Democratic Convention” on Storify]