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Keeping up the momentum in Long Beach

Over the past several months we’ve attended multiple hearing to have our voices heard. Long Beach needs to pass $15 the Long Beach Way: A $15 minimum wage for all workers. Paid sick days for all workers. Local wage enforcement. Sign up to dedicate yourself to the Fight For 15[…]


100s of workers’ speak out for $15 in Long Beach

Last night we joined over 100 community members in Long Beach to address the city Economic Development Committee on the importance of a $15 minimum wage with wage enforcement. We need to keep up the momentum from $15 in LA, LA County unincorporated, and just this month Berkeley! [View the[…]

Bridgette wants justice for her family

I went on strike for the first time. I’m a mother of 4 kids and want to be able to provide for them. That’s hard making under $15. Last week over 6,000 people joined me in the street of Los Angeles. Watch my emotional story of what happened that day. LA County[…]

I’ve been on strike. Now I’m going to vote.

Earlier this week I went on strike for the 4th time. Over the past year I’ve brought 11 of my coworkers on strike to demand $15 and union rights. In June, LA won $15. McDonald’s couldn’t stop us then, and they won’t stop us from union rights. If politicians want my[…]

I couldn’t afford to invest in my future

I recently graduated high school and was looking forward to going to Cal State for Engineering, but the required placement test is $40. I didn’t have the money, and no one in my family could loan it to me. If we had $15 for all workers, I would be going to the school[…]

Maia Moncrief lives in poverty in Long Beach

I’m a fast-food worker at Carl’s Jr. Like many recent graduates fast-food was the only job I could find to pay my bills in this low wage economy. But at 30 hours a week, $9 an hour isn’t enough to keep a roof over my head. Next month I won’t[…]

We all deserve to spend Labor Day with our families

I don’t get paid to take Labor Day off. I’m not the only one. 66% of low wage public sector workers don’t get paid holidays[1]. This is why I’m fighting for union rights. Do you have a paid day off Monday and think I deserve one too? SHARE THIS with[…]

We won’t stop with LA: CA #FightFor15 in Sacramento

This week I joined workers from across California to demand that the legislature recognizes we’re worth more. Hundreds of workers met with dozens of legislators and their staff to discuss the need for $15 and union rights, rights such as access to healthcare and protection against wage theft. I work[…]