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Santa Monica passes $15!

This week Santa Monica passed $15! As an older worker I am proof that all workers deserve $15. Thanks to the city council for doing the right thing. I can look forward to providing for my family without depending on community services, like the food bank.  Tell your friends that[…]

Tell McDonalds: Give your employees their legally required Paid Sick Days

Recently I wasn’t feeling well. I called in to take a day off. I had easily acquired the necessary paid sick days. McDonald’s said no. That’s illegal. It’s also immoral that they wanted me to work while sick. It’s even worse that when my kids are sick McDonald’s won’t let[…]

Winning in 2016

The past year has been historic. Since we started this campaign, over 11 million workers have gotten a raise. That’s a really big deal for millions of families across our country. It wouldn’t have happened without fast food workers organizing and you joining us. When I started organizing my coworkers[…]


We’ve come further than anyone expected

It’s been a historic year for the Fight For 15 in LA and across the country. Tens of thousands of Angelenos have been in the streets for $15 and union rights. We had our biggest strikes yet, and they worked. We won the biggest $15 minimum wage for all workers in the country.[…]

This holiday season, think beyond LA

Earlier this year, with your support, we passed $15 in LA and LA County unincorporated areas. Over seven hundred thousand workers are now on the path to $15. I’m not on a path to $15. This past week I went to the Long Beach Economic Development Commission to make sure[…]

Keeping up the momentum in Long Beach

Over the past several months we’ve attended multiple hearing to have our voices heard. Long Beach needs to pass $15 the Long Beach Way: A $15 minimum wage for all workers. Paid sick days for all workers. Local wage enforcement. Sign up to dedicate yourself to the Fight For 15[…]

100s of workers’ speak out for $15 in Long Beach

Last night we joined over 100 community members in Long Beach to address the city Economic Development Committee on the importance of a $15 minimum wage with wage enforcement. We need to keep up the momentum from $15 in LA, LA County unincorporated, and just this month Berkeley! [View the[…]

Bridgette wants justice for her family

I went on strike for the first time. I’m a mother of 4 kids and want to be able to provide for them. That’s hard making under $15. Last week over 6,000 people joined me in the street of Los Angeles. Watch my emotional story of what happened that day. LA County[…]

I’ve been on strike. Now I’m going to vote.

Earlier this week I went on strike for the 4th time. Over the past year I’ve brought 11 of my coworkers on strike to demand $15 and union rights. In June, LA won $15. McDonald’s couldn’t stop us then, and they won’t stop us from union rights. If politicians want my[…]