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Stop killing us.

Let me perfectly clear, as a Latino immigrant: All lives can’t matter if Black Lives don’t matter first. I’ve lived around police violence my entire life. Growing up an immigrant in Lennox I’ve seen first hand the effects of systematic oppression on my family and my community. I refuse to[…]

July 1st 2016: The minimum wage is going up across California!

Today the minimum wage is going up for thousands of workers across America! It will keep going up until every worker in California makes $15.   Many workers in this country haven’t seen a raise for nearly a decade. Here in California, fast food workers like me are leading the[…]


Victory at every level

Two months ago, a sizable box fell on me while I was working at McDonald’s. I’ve suffered from partial paralysis and constant headaches ever since. But when I realized McDonald’s was refusing to even pay me for my sick days, I decided to do something about it.   I was[…]


We must talk about Orlando

I am Latino, I am a member of the LGBTQ community, and I am a leader with the Fight for 15. In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, I understand, more than ever, that my identity is no more separate than my experiences with them every day. For our last[…]

We’re writing our history

I’m on the front lines fighting the global race to the bottom. Thanks to the help of the community, California is leading the way. By winning $15 and 3 paid sick days for all workers, we’re leading the nation, but the best way to stop the global race to the[…]


Last month was our biggest ever. We won $15 for every worker, not just here in California, but New York as well Not only did we win raises, but we built worker power and had the biggest strike in the history of our movement. Fast food workers, child care workers,[…]

LA workers win 6 paid sick days!

Earlier this week, LA city council voted to double our paid sick days from 3 to 6. This didn’t happen by luck, but because workers and the community made our voices heard. Share our newest win with your friends. Last week I went on strike to highlight how McJobs cost[…]


I’m fighting for more than just myself

Recently I spoke to politicians at the LA Black Worker Center about the importance of getting 15 and union rights. They recognized the success we’ve had so far in California, but for me, winning is even more important than ever.   I’m 24, have been struggling since 18 hopping from job to[…]

Justice on paid sick days

We did it! I can use my paid sick days! It is the law, but laws only work when enforced. Last month we asked the community to tell McDonald’s to follow the law. Over 2000 workers and the community joined me, in solidarity, to speak up. We didn’t stop there.[…]