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May Day

Today is May Day – and thousands of people are protesting across the nation right now. We’re fighting for immigrant rights. We’re fighting for racial justice. We’re fighting for $15. Today, the Fight for $15 stands in full support of the striking workers across the country. Check out the protest[…]


We’re still fighting for the dream

Today was HUGE. Thousands with the Fight for $15 and Movement for Black Lives took over the streets in cities across the nation. From Chicago:                     To Pittsburgh:                   To Detroit:    […]

Building Power

Our power comes from our ability to build our families. That includes our movement family. That’s not something I understood 3 years ago, but thanks to the Fight For 15 I do now. As hundreds of new groups are created, it’s important to build local capacity to build power. The[…]

Puzder OUT. You win!

This just in: Andy Puzder is OUT of the running for Secretary of Labor! Friend, this is because you, me, and thousands and thousands of others spoke up, showed up, and said NO WAY to putting the worst of the worst fast-food CEOs in charge of the Department of Labor.[…]

What we won in 2016

In 2016, we won wage increases in more states and cities, for more American workers, than ever before. At the same time, as we all know, the fight for justice saw major setbacks this past year. We can’t ignore it. But we must also remember just how much this movement,[…]


A life changing victory for California workers

I shouldn’t have to work until the day I die. Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed historic legislation to make sure I can actually retire. Join me and almost seven million workers in celebration! I work nonstop just to pay the rent and help my kids pay for college. Retirement has[…]


A week of victories

This week hundreds of workers traveled to Sacramento to demand politicians stand on the moral side of history. We didn’t realize how fast we would succeed. While we were at the capitol Governor Jerry Brown signed two historic pieces of legislation: overtime for both farm workers and domestic workers! After[…]