Fight For $15 Los Angeles

Edgar Gonzalez


Stop killing us.

Let me perfectly clear, as a Latino immigrant: All lives can’t matter if Black Lives don’t matter first. I’ve lived around police violence my entire life. Growing up an immigrant in Lennox I’ve seen first hand the effects of systematic oppression on my family and my community. I refuse to[…]


Dem leader Pelosi backs $15 minimum wage

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday endorsed a $15 minimum wage, joining a growing chorus of liberals on and off Capitol Hill pushing to more than double the current $7.25 rate. [Read more…]

BIG WIN: Wage board says YES to $15!

Just moments ago, the New York wage board recommended raising fast-food pay in ALL of New York State to $15 an hour. Your work, your voice made this happen. Take a minute and tell the world: WE ARE WINNING by sharing this image on Facebook: This is a HUGE deal.[…]


Edgar Gonzalez, McDonald’s Worker, Presents to California Democratic Convention

Edgar Gonzalez, LA McDonald’s Worker, Presented in front of 100s of delegates at the yearly California Democratic Convention titled “Leadership Through Action” – he showed the audience how workers leaders can create action! Join him [View the story “Edgar Gonzalez, McDonald’s Worker, Presents to California Democratic Convention” on Storify]