Fight For $15 Los Angeles

Anggie Godoy

May Day

Today is May Day – and thousands of people are protesting across the nation right now. We’re fighting for immigrant rights. We’re fighting for racial justice. We’re fighting for $15. Today, the Fight for $15 stands in full support of the striking workers across the country. Check out the protest[…]


Building Power

Our power comes from our ability to build our families. That includes our movement family. That’s not something I understood 3 years ago, but thanks to the Fight For 15 I do now. As hundreds of new groups are created, it’s important to build local capacity to build power. The[…]

We’re writing our history

I’m on the front lines fighting the global race to the bottom. Thanks to the help of the community, California is leading the way. By winning $15 and 3 paid sick days for all workers, we’re leading the nation, but the best way to stop the global race to the[…]

Solidarity is about coming together

New Hampshire is on my mind, but Iowa is where I helped create a historic movement. Iowa fast food workers had their first strike, and I joined them because solidarity is about coming together and giving support to one another. Can you believe that the minimum wage in Iowa is still $7.25?[…]

Unification in 2016

Unification will win the Fight For $15 and union rights. This week over 100 fast food workers from Colorado, Northern California, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and Phoenix unified to build our movement. You’re a part of this movement, and we hope in 2016 you’ll do whatever it takes[…]

We’ve come further than anyone expected

It’s been a historic year for the Fight For 15 in LA and across the country. Tens of thousands of Angelenos have been in the streets for $15 and union rights. We had our biggest strikes yet, and they worked. We won the biggest $15 minimum wage for all workers in the country.[…]

I’ve been on strike. Now I’m going to vote.

Earlier this week I went on strike for the 4th time. Over the past year I’ve brought 11 of my coworkers on strike to demand $15 and union rights. In June, LA won $15. McDonald’s couldn’t stop us then, and they won’t stop us from union rights. If politicians want my[…]

We won $15 in LA, we can win in Long Beach

The momentum for higher wages is spreading in Long Beach. Last week Ricardo Lara, CA Senator of the 33rd district, a champion for justice and workers’ rights, met with fast food workers and expressed his continued support for the Fight for $15. Will you join us and him to fight[…]

Some days you feel like you can conquer the world.

Yesterday was one of those as the Mayor of Los Angeles signed the $15 minimum wage in to law. I’ve worked at McDonald’s for a year and I make $9/hour, currently the minimum wage in California. I’ve fasted, gone on strike and I’ve even talked to McDonald’s shareholders. I believed that[…]

The $15 Min. Wage in LA and McDonald’s Shareholders Meeting

In a series of historic events, fast food workers lead the fight to pass the $15 minimum wage in Los Angeles and had the biggest protest at a McDonald’s shareholders meeting. Los Angeles worker Anggie Godoy lead a delegation of 10 McDonald’s workers to speak to shareholders and present 1.4[…]