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chrome_2017-05-10_15-03-20Our power comes from our ability to build our families. That includes our movement family. That’s not something I understood 3 years ago, but thanks to the Fight For 15 I do now. As hundreds of new groups are created, it’s important to build local capacity to build power. The Nation wrote a piece on me and how I’ve been radicalized by our movement. Read and share it with your friends.
From the age of 10 I’ve been going to protests in LA, but I never thought I’d be leading them. In November I joined dozens of workers in LA, hundreds across the country, who took arrest to prove that we won’t back down. Civil disobedience is part of our legacy as activists.┬áIn the era of Trump, it’s up to us to define our legacy.
The Fight For 15 is about far more than the minimum wage. It’s about making sure my co-workers who are afraid of making enough at McDonald’s to pay their bills, aren’t afraid any more. It’s about making sure my mom and countless undocumented workers in LA, understand there’s a movement to back them up. We’re all in this together, and as we’ve proved by getting raises for over 22 million workers, we are unstoppable. Share my story
In Solidarity,
Anggie Godoy
LA McDonald’s Worker