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I’m fighting for more than just myself

Recently I spoke to politicians at the LA Black Worker Center about the importance of getting 15 and union rights. They recognized the success we’ve had so far in California, but for me, winning is even more important than ever.


I’m 24, have been struggling since 18 hopping from job to job but now that I’m pregnant, I have to think about more than just myself. If I’m lucky I have $100 leftover every month, and in California it can cost over $600/month to raise a child. That means I’ll stay on public assistance and still may be falling short.


As the daughter of a union worker, I know the importance of union rights. When public workers like my dad wanted to organize in the 1930s, everyone thought it was a dream. In 1968, it happened. It’s only been 3 years since fast food workers like me started organizing, but this is the most important year yet


I know this movement will be a success, but I need your help. I’m glad some politicians are listening, but if any politician wants the vote of millions of low wage workers like me, they’ll have to come get my vote. Will you sign our pledge? If you already have, forward to a friend!


Please sign not just for me, but for my baby, and everybody yet to fight.


In Solidarity,


Ashlee Adams
California Fast Food Worker