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Solidarity is about coming together

New Hampshire is on my mind, but Iowa is where I helped create a historic movement. Iowa fast food workers had their first strike, and I joined them because solidarity is about coming together and giving support to one another.
Can you believe that the minimum wage in Iowa is still $7.25? It’s just not possible to live on that. Although we struggle with high rent, they have to struggle with just staying warm!
This was my fifth time on a strike line, and thanks to strikes and your efforts, I’ve helped get raises for millions of workers. It’s time Iowa workers got raises too. It’s time for us all to get union rights.
The best part of the trip was when thousands of workers and the community converged on the GOP Debate to declare 64 million workers make under $15 and they need to come get our vote.¬†Either Iowans or Californians, we’re all in this together.
In Solidarity,
Anggie Godoy
LA McDonald’s worker