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A week of victories

This week hundreds of workers traveled to Sacramento to demand politicians stand on the moral side of history. We didn’t realize how fast we would succeed.
While we were at the capitol Governor Jerry Brown signed two historic pieces of legislation: overtime for both farm workers and domestic workers!
After 78 years, home care workers won overtime rights at the federal level. For over half a century workers lost pay on the job. Since the Fight For 15 started less than 4 years ago, we’re winning it back.

Not only did we win around hours, but janitors, after a year of having their stories told and going on a fast this week, will no longer have to fear sexual assault without repercussions.

Our movement has been a success thanks to workers like me organizing, striking, and never giving up. It’s also thanks to your support. I know if you stick with us and keep telling your friends about our victories, we will win union rights!
Even with all of these wins, it’s important to reflect that every day we struggle. We mourn the death of our sister and co-worker Myrna. Both McDonald’s and the state of Missouri had failed her. Did you stand with Myrna? I did!
We’re just getting started,

Anggie Godoy
McDonald’s worker