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Long Beach passes $15

This election year isn’t just about wages. It’s about justice in many forms. The good news is that last night Long Beach took a step towards justice and voted to put me on a path to $15. We proved that when workers come together, organize, and strike, we win.

There still isn’t adequate paid sick days and wage enforcement, and that’s why I need you. Even though every California fast food worker has 3 paid sick days, McDonald’s isn’t letting my sister Rosangela take them. Celebrate this year of victories by making sure we get what we’re legally owed.

I’m glad Long Beach City Council did the right thing, but we’re still fighting at the state level and in our workplaces. That’s why I’m calling on McDonald’s to follow the law and give my sister Rosangela her paid sick days. She emailed you two weeks ago and McDonald’s still isn’t listening. Join me and demand McDonald’s follows the law.

Thanks for your support, but we’re not done in Long Beach, we’re not done here in California, and as my sisters will tell you next week, we’re not done worldwide. Tell McDonald’s that you’re not done fighting with us yet either.

In Solidarity,

Chantel Williams
Long Beach Fast Food Worker