Fight For $15 Los Angeles

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Last month was our biggest ever. We won $15 for every worker, not just here in California, but New York as well

Not only did we win raises, but we built worker power and had the biggest strike in the history of our movement. Fast food workers, child care workers, home care worker, janitors, service workers, and other industries suffering from McJobs joined us in the streets of LA.

The impacts from the strike are evident. Just this week thousands of janitors, many who joined us, won $15 immediately. Around the country janitors are still fighting McJobs in their industry, but thanks to your solidarity, we believe that they will win historic contracts.

When we started this campaign, just a few short years ago, nobody thought we would win $15. When janitors started their fight 25 years ago, nobody thought they would win union rights. We’re proving them all wrong. Let’s keep up the momentum.

In Solidarity,

Cindy Melara
McDonald’s worker


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